If you can’t come to one of our public gigs, our videos will give you an idea of what we’re like …

Nearly all these were taken on a held-held camera which also recorded the audio.  There’s an odd one where the person doing the videoing didn’t realise that turning the camera on its side (for a portrait shot) also turns the video on its side … but here it is anyway, totally live and just as recorded.

Live clip at a wedding held at The Walled Garden at Cowdray, Midhurst, West Sussex.
We’re very good at keeping the party going with short or no gaps between songs.
End of “Rolling In The Deep” into start of “Man, I Feel Like A Woman”


“Don’t Stop” – recorded live at a Wedding Reception Party in West Sussex


Short clip of “Reach Out …” from our Motown medley on New Years Eve in East Sussex
Live recording at The Grand Hotel Eastbourne NYE Party
It’s the “camera on its side” one – be careful not to hurt your neck or get dizzy trying to watch it


Live clip of “Nine To Five” – sung by Sarah with Liesbeth, Simon, Andy and Alan on backing vocals
at the extremely lively “Paint It Red” party at West Hill Golf Club in Surrey


“Johnny B Goode” – short clip recorded at The Windlesham Picnic


“Shout” – short clip recorded at a Wedding Reception in Alfriston, East Sussex


“You Sexy Thing” – recorded live at The Windlesham Picnic


“Crazy Little Thing” – live video clip at a Surrey Beer Festival


“Love Shack” – recorded live at The Windlesham Picnic


“Shout” – feat. Julia K – recorded at a Surrey Beer Festival
The video is very dark early on but gets better later – worth watching.
The “thumbs up” ending was sheer luck – if the person doing the videoing
had been standing anywhere else it wouldn’t be there!


“Garry’s R&R Medley part 2” – such a laugh!  The second part of Garry’s Rock’n’Roll medley
The lying down on the job version where you can hear Garry laughing whilst trying to sing!
I love this clip – cracks me up every time I watch it.
Recorded at a Golf Club Annual Dinner-Dance function in Bracknell, Berkshire


Clip from “You’re The One That I Want” played at a wedding reception party in West Sussex


Video clip of recorded music “Disco Inferno” between our live music sets.
See the Bride dancing with her friends at her wedding party between Berkshire and Oxfordshire in 2008

Music mixes can also be played before live music starts.

Free Disco included at all functions, parties and weddings

We play mp3 iPod music mixes between our live music sets so there can be non-stop music for dancing.
The music mixes can be your own compilations or you can leave the choice to us.

Audio Demos

The demos below are only audio and play in an almost blank screen – very, very boring to watch.
They can sometimes take half a minute to load – stupid programme, not paying attention!
Our videos are a far better way to judge the band.

Brown Eyed Girl – sung by Simon

Mamma Mia – sung by Liesbeth, harmony vocals sung by Julia K
Yes, we really do do harmony guitars!

Shout – sung by Julia K

I Saw Her Standing There – sung by Simon and Julia K

You Can’t Hurry Love – sung by Liesbeth and Simon

Brown Sugar – sung by Simon

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