The price is right … or is it?

It is a common mistake to start with the price when trying to find a band for your wedding, party or any function.

Never start with the price.  Start with quality and discuss the price later.

Start by searching for the sort of band you want, your event and the area where it will be held
e.g. “live band for wedding reception in Berkshire”.

Make a list of the bands you liked best.  Most bands now have video demos on their websites.
This can narrow down your choice to a short-list very quickly.

Once you have your short-list, this is the time to go and hear the bands.
The only substitute for this is to check their videos.

When you have a final selection this is the time to ask about the price.  Most bands are happy to negotiate.

If you have a very low budget it would be far safer to hire a DJ.

It really is not worth the risk of spoiling your event by hiring a bad band.  Good luck!

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