The Famous Five (!) things you should check first about any band

The Famous Five (!) things you should check first about any band.

5 – Does the band you found have a website that makes you go “WOW! They look AMAZING!!!”
and did the website come on the first page or two in Google?
This tells you absolutely nothing about how good or bad the band is so, moving swiftly onwards …

4 – Do they have Public Liability Insurance and a current P.A.T. certificate? Yes, we do.
A good band will have these because they play at good venues, most of which require them.

3 – Is the band experienced enough to do a good job at a function like yours?
See if you can find their gig list and check their past gigs as well as their future gigs.
A good band is not afraid to list every gig so you can see what sort of work they do and how often they play.
If most of a band’s gigs are in pubs or clubs they may not be suitable for your special occasion.

2 – Did past clients enjoy the band? Check the band’s testimonials to see what people said about them.
Good bands get bookings and re-bookings by being recommended.

1 – Can they really play, do they have great singers and are they good performers?
There is only one way to find out – go and see them perform!
Don’t just listen to their demos – go and hear any band you are considering.
Their live videos are the next best thing but DO NOT rely on audio demos which can be faked!

If it all looks good so far, check the band’s Gig Guide page to see if they are available for your date.

We try to have quite frequent public gigs so you can come to hear us and meet us.
You’re very welcome to come and have a chat in the break or afterwards.
We look forward to meeting you at any of these gigs.

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