23 Sep 2013 – Live Music Charity Fundraiser in aid of Woking Hospice – Chobham in Surrey

Live bands and live music for charity fundraiser in Surrey

Live bands, duos, solo artists playing all day and evening in aid of Woking Hospice.

Being held at Chobham Club, 50 Windsor Road, Chobham, Surrey GU24 8LD

1.00 p.m. until 9.00 p.m.   BBQ from 5.00 p.m.

All welcome.  Admission £5 per person.  Please come and support this worthy charity!

Fantastic raffle prizes and some unique items for auction

Review: What was it like?

Well, what a long day – very well done everybody!  Come to that, what a long day on Saturday too, so well done again all for that one!  Cracking job MC-ing Keith, and fab work connecting up and mixing all the other performers Alan!

Have looked on Woking News & Mail but the photos from our first set don’t seem to be there yet – maybe at the weekend?

Great solo performances from Ben Lovejoy and Gary Blues.  
Ben’s guitar work was great.  Both are very good singers and Gary was very entertaining and funny.

Diamondhearts – ambitious stuff, well arranged and well played.  Amazing range of material and a truly awesome experience – quite a lot of that lovely tingling feeling when you hear something really beautiful!  Wouldn’t mind a set list or some recordings so I can re-live some of those songs.  Alan & Julia, please let us know the date/venue/time of your official first gig.

This Way Up put on a great performance too.  Very entertaining sort of folk-rock stuff, well played and their harmonies were bang on.  Nice chaps too.

Auction and raffle went on almost forever – I had at least two birthdays!  Some of the raffle was killing – “and the next prize is … three more CRAP bottles of red wine!”

So pleased that Debs was able to get there for our last set which was loadsa fun.  Thanks Debby, brilliant as always!  In the last set we got John up to sing Sweet Caroline and even got Keith up at the end for a storming rendition of Gimme Some Lovin’ – what a blast that was!

Heaps of praise and autograph books to Julia who sang for both our sets as well as with Diamondhearts – possibly even more beautifully than usual.  The Diamondhearts set alone was extremely demanding but what a fantastic performance!

Very pleased to have been able to help John for this fundraiser.  I think it raised something in the order of £4500 for Woking Hospice so, all in all, a great job folks.

Thanks to all of you for the group hug at the end – what a lovely surprise – you really are my favourite people in the whole world (wipes away a sniffle!)

And now for some more news …

3rd Nov 2012 The Cohort Ball.  Guess who’s doing an acoustic set before us … Kim Wilde no less!!

Discovered quite by chance that we have gigs listed on LBC
Link to us on LBC re playing at The Sun!  Lots of errors – not least 26th Oct being incorrect!  Nothing The Sun can do about this as someone hijacked their Lemonrock account, which is probably where LBC got it from
LBC Radio

Last but not least
Found these pictures we knew nothing about from annual Surrey event “Music in the Marsh” in 2011
Woking People

Love to all,


This is the original poster.  Unfortunately Fuzed and Elvis were unable to get there but it the event still managed to be a great success.


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