Amazing live band to hire for all functions, parties and weddings

People say that we’re the best live party band they’ve ever heard.

This didn’t happen overnight or by magic.  We have great musicians and singers but we’ve also been together a long time and this makes a big difference.  Musically, we know what we’re doing inside out, and can concentrate on creating a fresh, exciting atmosphere at every performance.  The obvious intention is to lure all but the most stubborn of your guests onto the dance floor so as many people as possible have a great time.  Unlike many bands we don’t make stupid claims like “we guarantee to fill the dance floor” because, let’s be honest, some people don’t ever get up to dance.  In practice most people will dance and, particularly at the end of the night, don’t want to stop.  At hotels and other venues we often wonder how many more encores will be allowed!

We get a terrific number of referrals and recommendations.  People who’ve seen us playing at a birthday or wedding will recommend us to a friend or relation who is planning a party or some other event.  
Engaged couples who’ve heard us e.g. at a friend’s wedding, want us back to play for their own wedding.
What better recommendation could you ask for?

We might well be the best live covers band you can find to hire for weddings and parties in the UK – but that’s for you to say, not us!

Wanted! Live covers band for wedding or party … but which County?

Unless you already have a band in mind because you’ve heard them or they’ve been recommended, most of us go straight to the computer and search in Google.  When you’re searching for the ideal band to play at your wedding or your own BIG unmentionable something-oh birthday party, it’s a jolly good idea to include the County or you end up with results from the entire world!

We’ve played in many Counties for all sorts of parties and events – current enquiries include the Channel Islands (Guernsey), Holland and somewhere on the border of France and Spain – but there is a limit to how much you are prepared to pay and obviously time and distance can affect the price.

Famous Five has quite a reputation so you, like many others, may put price second to availability.  

We have even had people change the date of their function so they can have us to play for them – which is one heck of a compliment!

Wherever we play, for whatever kind of party, people always enjoy having us play for them.  We get loads of enthusiastic comments about what a great band we are – how much everyone has enjoyed our performance – typically things like please can we have a card because a friend is getting married or having a 40th or 50th or 60th birthday soon / next year and you are just the sort of band they would like to book for their own special occasion.  

So it goes on – we get masses of referrals like this just because people have had such a good time at a party or wedding where we’ve been playing.

Famous Five Band is said to be one of the best live party bands to hire for weddings, birthday parties – even a 70th birthday! – office / anniversary / Christmas party etc.  There’s no doubt about it – we get a staggering amount of positive feedback and loads of referrals and recommendations.

Apparently you won’t go wrong if you book us – everybody loves having us play for them!  So … Wheee!!

Famous Five Band       Tel. 07881-481801 or 01483-236161