21 May 2011 – Wedding Reception Party Band – The Manor Barn, Buriton in Hampshire

Band hired to play for this wedding in Hampshire


Wedding Reception Party – review from Bride’s parents in our Testimonials

Held at wedding venue  The Manor Barn, Buriton in Hampshire

Fabulous barn in a beautiful setting.

Without Prejudice
In my opinion this venue is not ideal for a live band because the sound limiter which was in operation when we played there tripped immediately any sound exceeded its threshold – and the threshold was set very low indeed.

We have never, ever had to play so quietly – and even then the limiter tripped on occasion e.g. one loud hit on the snare drum and, unbelievably, when the singer hit any note the limiter was over-sensitive to!

The bride and groom and their families were wonderful and made the best of it, dancing to music that was so quiet it was little better than background music.

They complained that this venue should not say that it is ok for live bands.

Noise limiters should respond evenly to all audio frequencies and not respond more to some frequencies than others.  Also they should have a delayed response and only trip when the average sound exceeds the specified level for a preset amount of time.  It seems to me that some people have seen a niche market in today’s ridiculously over-cautious health and safety climate.  In my opinion there are some sound/noise/decibel limiters which have been knocked up to a very basic design just to cash in on this market.  A limiter which trips immediately any sound exceeds its threshold is not suitable for use with a live band.

This is my own opinion and nothing whatsoever to do with the band.

Mike Barden



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