28 May 2011 – 40th Birthday Party – Fancy Dress, Horror Movies Theme – Southampton, Hampshire

Fancy Dress 40th Birthday Party – Theme …. Horror Movies!!!


40th Birthday Party – Fancy Dress Party held in the Meon Valley, Southampton, Hampshire

Famous Five Band will at any excuse dress up (or dress down) to add to your theme party’s entertainment.

We thought our make-up was pretty good but you should have seen the guests!  A huge effort had been made. 
Not only was everyone in full, unbelievably horrific costume as well as frightening make-up but the hall had been decked out with bodies hanging in chains from the ceiling, bodies in coffins in the entrance hall – blood (fake or real?) was spattered everywhere, a massive hangman’s noose swung above the stage and back-projected horror movie clips were playing all night.

Any unsuspecting gatecrasher arriving in ordinary clothing would probably have been captured, expertly tortured, systematically disembowelled, partially dismembered (oh, all right, completely dismembered), forced to watch their entrails fried over hot coals (mmmm … yummy!) and then been ritually ripped apart very slowly and eaten (not a vegetarian night then) before having their very soul sentenced to eternal damnation in the Slough of Despond (in Berkshire) …. or they might have been given ten seconds start for running away very fast indeed.

It was a strangely eerie night and even after the revellers had lurched, hopped, flapped and oozed their way home, howls were heard throughout the Meon Valley until the light of dawn forced the horrors back into their crypts, caves or coffins.

Small, nastily-chewed pieces of the caretaker of the Hall of Doom are still being found in clefts of rock (and clefts of palate), in local graveyards, in quite distant shrubberies, high in crows nests and occasionally in petrol station sandwiches but most were found sticking stickily to the ceiling and high beams of the Hall itself. 

It is said that neither his shoes nor his leathery wings have ever been found …!

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